Machine Shop Repair

General machine shop repairs:

• Electric motor end bell bearing fit repairs
• Refurbishing bearing bores in large gearboxes
• Electric motor rotor replacement and repair
• Rubber roller grinding
• Teflon shrink sleeve installation
• Roller manufacturing (steel and aluminum)
• Surface grinding
• Key way cutting
• Spline cutting (straight sided and involute tooth cutting)
• Custom design of replacement parts
• Manufacture using stainless and carbon steel
• 2D custom injection mould manufacturing
• Crusher shaft manufacturing and repair
• Babbit bearing reconditioning
• Stainless steel boat shaft repair and manufacturing
• Spray weld repairs on shaft seal fits

We offer pump repairs for the following types of pumps:

• Reciprocating pumps
• Multi stage deep well pumps
• Milton Roy metering pumps
• Portable hydraulic pumps
• Multi stage boiler feed pumps
• Fire pumps
• Johnson vertical pumps
• Gardener Duplex steam pumps
• Dredge hydraulic pumps