Onsite Services Offered

Onsite Machining Services

• We can provide onsite machining supervision
• Ability to work 24 hour shifts
• Full document control with Inspection records sheets, time sheet control
• Ability to provide costing updates as per customer requirements, daily or weekly
• Can work as a stand alone team or part of an integrated plant maintenance team
• Full safety documentation available for job site use
• Complete machine shop facility to assist onsite

Insitu Services

• Flange resurfacing 5”-60” diameter
• Pipe weld preps 5” to 60”
• Pipe cut out and weld bevels 6” to 18”
• Motor base and sole plate milling
• Stud and bolt removal (including large diameter studs)
• Onsite drilling and tapping. (holes up to 4” dia.)
• Line boring services ( 1.5” diameter and up)
• Large diameter boring (up to 60”diameter )
• Larger boring can be done on a per job request ex. pump/turbine casings, blower housing, etc
• Slip ring machining
• In place shaft machining and repair
• In place shaft keyway milling
• Bore honing services
• Fixed coupling bolt hole boring